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We are experienced Airbnb hosts who have multiple properties under our direct ownership...and as such, we became unfortunately only too aware of the myriad of deficiencies of other short-term rental agents. At HolidayHomed we realise that renting out your house isn’t just a financial transaction; it’s also about developing and cultivating long-lasting relationships. Established in early 2023, we assist clients in Sydney with maximising their property income by simultaneously advertising their property on multiple short-term rental accommodation (STRA) websites

Renting out your home/properties is a great way of generating an additional income. We offer an extensive array of services --  HolidayHomed provide a bespoke short-term rental association (STRA) management package that includes: - Listings on 10+ platforms e.g.  Airbnb and alongside Dynamic Pricing to maximise occupancy rates - Booking management - Vetting of guests - Remote check-in - 24/7 guest support - Cleaning and laundry services. We take the hassle out of short-letting...which the other agents don't -- all the while offering exceptional on-demand service with a human touch, making the process of renting and earning money as easy and hassle-free as possible.


Contact us for a no obligation quote to get started today.

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